New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Dysfunction


What is Alma Duo?  Alma Duo is a revolutionary treatment for men and women
that is clinically validated to improve blood flow and bring spontaneity back to men's lives and increased sensation back to women's lives by restoring natural performance.

How does it work? Alma Duo uses focused low intensity shock wave pulses to trigger an inflammatory response in the treatment area that targets vascular function.

Who is a good candidate?  Men who have performance issues that are vascular related or women who have difficulty reaching orgasm are the best Duo candidates. Duo will not address behavioral or psychological issues.

How many treatments are required? A series of 6 treatments spaced 2-3 days apart

How long does each treatment take?  Each treatment takes about 10-15 minutes

Does it hurt?  No! Alma Duo is completely painless- it feels like a light
tapping on the treatment area.

What can a patient expect during the treatment?  Duo is a quick, easy, in-office treatment. The patient will lie on a treatment bed and a practitioner will place the applicator head on the treatment area.

What can a patient expect after the treatment?  There is no downtime after the treatment- patient can
immediately resume all normal activities.