Improve Your Overall Well-Being

Come to us for mental health services in Canyon County and Nampa, ID

Do you ever wish you had a qualified professional to talk to about life's challenges? Whether you're living with depression or another mental health disorder, Acacia Wellness Center is here to help. Our Nampa, ID clinic offers Psychiatric evaluations and Medication management. We are also a certified SPRAVATO treatment center offering help for treatment-resistant depression.

We're a call-in and referral-based clinic that treats children and adults of all ages. Contact us today to schedule mental health services.

Individualized Care for Your Mental Health

Acacia Wellness Center offers various treatment plans based on your preferences and needs. You can come to us for:

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • Medication assistance therapy
  • Crisis services
  • Group appointments
  • Individual counseling
  • EMDR

We offer in-person and telehealth appointments for those who qualify. Services are available for children, adolescents, and adults. Call 208-498-1760 to make an appointment for mental health services.